Chapter 7

(Revised 09.01.2017)


A.        Operating Budget

Revenues from District service connections exceed for the six-year expected budget.

B.        Operating Cash Reserves

Operating cash reserves will exceed 1/8th of the annual O&M budget and general expenses.

C.        Emergency Reserves

Emergency reserves available exceed the cost of the most vulnerable system component.

D.        Water Rates

The annual charge is $300.00 per service for the first 32,000 cubic feet of water (approximately 240,000 gallons).  Additional water available (up to 1,000,000 gallons) for $0.70 per 100 cubic feet of water (approximately 750 gallons).

A $2,500.00 fee is charged for new hookups.  The fee covers the cost of labor, parts, and equipment for the hookup.  A request is made to the District secretary for new services.

E.        Median Household Income Index Test

Water rates do not exceed 1.5% of the median annual income for the area.

Complete financial worksheets are included in Appendix I

2017 Water Report